Build and test strategies, faster and easier

Spice up your strategy testing and building

  • Maximize indicator versatility: Build once, utilize everywhere
  • Chain indicators both directly and sequentially in a unified system
  • Dispatch weighted signals in a uniform approach
  • Refine signal management
  • Apply advanced techniques for risk and profit mitigation

Dive Right In

Get to know the best of the connectable indicator collection

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Connect the Dots

A brief visual walkthrough on how to work with connectable indicators on TradingView

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Connectable System Insights

A Closer Look at How the System Operates

  • Weighted signals: Each connectable indicator can send weighted positions for both long and short via the Azullian input source, our signal connector
  • Direct or daisy chain: Link indicators directly or sequentially to the signal filter, monitor, or strategy
  • Signal management: Monitor incoming signals in an easy graphical interface or moderate the signal with the signal filter
  • Customize Signals: Adjust settings, thresholds, and conditions to align with your trading goals
  • Strategize: Add a connectable strategy to complete your chain and start testing instantly with advanced risk mitigation
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Weight scoring settings

Weights for Spot and futures

Tailor your indicator weights

All connectable indicators come equipped with a weight scoring system enabling you to optimize strategy adjustments for spot or futures. Each indicator incorporates the ability to assign weight to following directions:

  • EL: Enter a long position
  • XL: Exit a long position
  • ES: Enter a short position
  • XS: Exit a short position

Weights can be assigned positive or negative values. Positive weights intensify a given trading direction, while negative weights mitigate it, offering traders a granular control over their strategy outcomes.

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Visual cues

Effortlessly Layer Visual Cues on TradingView

Identify, iterate and test quicker

Replace a cluttered stack of indicators with a signal filter connection for a cleaner, more streamlined view.

Minimal configurable visual cues enhance chart readability, making it simpler to identify confluence across multiple active indicators.

Visual cues are strategically placed in relation to candles, reflecting your specific entry or exit conditions. A prominent icon also appears to indicate when key overarching conditions are fulfilled.

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Decorative connectable indicator monitor
Decorative connectable indicator mfomentum
Decorative connectable indicator strategy
Azullian Plus Pass for TradingView

Access Enhanced Trading Tools with the Azullian Plus Pass

Embrace a curated selection of our invite-only connectable indicators. Dive into a modular platform tailored for rigorous strategy testing, design and enhanced decision-making.

Signature Indicator Series

Get to know the best of the connectable indicator collection

Amplifying Your Trading Toolkit

Our essential features and values

Click and test

Streamlined trading strategy testing and development by clicking to connect multiple indicators. Connectable chains make it easier and more efficient to test and refine your trading tactics.


Connectable indicators are crafted to seamlessly integrate within a modular framework, enabling adaptable and personalized strategy creation.

Standardized defaults

Benefit from presets offering a consistent analysis starting point. Default weights in connected indicators yield immediate, straightforward responses, simplifying market evaluation.

Stable performance

Connectable indicators focus on stability and market relevance, minimizing repainting to offer consistent, reliable data for informed trading decisions.


Each function comes with comprehensive documentation and helpful inline tooltips, offering clarity and guidance to enhance your journey through connectable indicators.

Code free

Follow a coding-free journey with all connectable indicators. Crafted for simplicity, these tools enable traders to execute complex strategies without requiring programming expertise.

Flexible Conditional Scoring

Set your criteria for when indicators score and gain weight. Tailor conditions to specific scenarios like entry, exit, both, zoning, or various occurrences.


Join the party! Make your own connectable indicator

Our journey has been profoundly shaped by the knowledge and creativity of the TradingView community ❤️.This platform is not just about our technology; it's about harnessing the collective genius of a community that continually inspires and motivates us. Here, your expertise in coding and strategy development can contribute significantly to an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and innovation. Join us in a shared mission to enhance and diversify the world of trading strategies.

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Parameters per module

An average of the gallore of customizable paramaters for fine-tuning per module.


Connectable indicators

A first leap towards a set of industry standard indicators.


Current combinations

The possible combinations with all connectable indicators.

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