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Tinker, tailor, test, trade.

Optimizing your trading kit

zullian offers modular indicators and strategies, enhancing your trading journey. Our emphasis is on simplifying the processes of strategy testing, development, and integration, aiming to provide a more efficient and accessible trading journey.

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We love to code

Whispers in the Pines

Our passion for code and PineScript has driven us to expand its capabilities, creating a foundation for rapid strategy testing and development. We've embraced the essence of PineScript and built upon it to offer a modular, uniform workflow that accelerates a testers, traders and PineScript developers journey – all without typing a single semicolon. 🚀


Comprehensive guides and tutorials help you make the most of our tools. Everything you need, all in one place.

Community libraries

Open-source libraries let the community create their own compatible indicators, promoting collective innovation.

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Tech That Talks to Us

Celebrating the Practical Magic in Our Daily Grind


Join the party! Make your own connectable indicator

Our journey has been profoundly shaped by the knowledge and creativity of the TradingView community ❤️.This platform is not just about our technology; it's about harnessing the collective genius of a community that continually inspires and motivates us. Here, your expertise in coding and strategy development can contribute significantly to an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and innovation. Join us in a shared mission to enhance and diversify the world of trading strategies.

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Parameters per module

An average of the gallore of customizable paramaters for fine-tuning per module.


Connectable indicators

A first leap towards a set of industry standard indicators.


Current combinations

The possible combinations with all connectable indicators.

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